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How to continue boosting employees spirits during the lockdown

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As restrictions began to settle following the first COVID wave in the UK, some businesses tried to get back to the office while others continued working remotely. Unfortunately  a second lockdown was enforced and it is vital that we continue boosting employees spirits.

Businesses that chose to go back to the office may have to resort back to remote working. Companies that continued working remotely full-time may wonder if there is any end in sight. Either way, COVID-19 has changed the way we work forever. One thing’s for sure it’s crucial for employers to continue to boost moral for their employees in this new normal.

Boosting employee spirit during another lockdown

Tips to help you support employees

When businesses first adopted home working, many companies saw their productivity levels increase. Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, many employees were happy working at home and some employees enjoy it more that the office. Benefits like less commute time, more time with families, and increased flexibility made the work-from-home life bearable. However, as a “temporary fix” is looking more likely to become permanent, productivity and positivity could suffer.

Employees have slowly settled into a routine, becoming more familiar with remote working. The daily distractions and challenges of a traditional office environment have disappeared and new distractions such as children and pets have taken over. Cabin fever has set in for many, distractions at home have increased, and some employees miss communicating in person. Here are some tips about how to help overcome these challenges.

1. Provide the correct equipment

In recent months, companies have had to supply remote working devices to their employees, such as phones and laptops, to ensure that they can continue to operate. As the pandemic stretches on and remote work remains, you need to ensure your employees have the hardware and software they need for success in their role.

2. Good communication

Balancing the right level of communication is hard, especially when employees are working from home. You need your employees to feel connected, valued, and supported. However checking in too frequently may make your employees feel uneasy. The right balance will be different for every organisation or team.

3. Supply motivation

It can be easy for employees to feel on edge and a lack of motivation in these difficult times. Without clear paths to grow professionally, people can quickly become discouraged. Setting aside time for personal development will provide extra motivation and encouragement for your team. Employees will become more excited about there future, meaning they are more motivated and your company will no doubt reap the benefits of this.

4. Planning 

As COVID-19 restrictions continue, employees may begin to wonder if life will ever return to what they used to know. Show your team that you are considering their wellbeing by creating a long-term plan and sharing it with your organisation. Schedule times to reevaluate your plan and receive feedback from your employees to keep it fresh and relevant.

5. Show your employees you care

Recognising hard work can go a long way towards showing your employees you care. There are a number of ways to show that you appreciate your employees. Giving small gifts or ending the working day a little early, when possible, is a great way to show that you care.


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