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How to gain ROI from e-signatures

E-signature technology doesn’t usually see the limelight. However its market has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years. Between 2014 and 2017, adoption of e-signature software increased from £67 million to £561 million worldwide.

How to gain ROI from e-signatures

Lower the cost and increase the revenue

The correct digital signature solution can increase your ROI and reduce some costs. Though it may not seem like it, printing, sending and storing physical document can be expensive. Also, incorrect submission of documents can quadruple costs. As a result, businesses can save significantly on every agreement signed with e-signatures

E-signatures also speed up the contact signing process, which in turn will lead to an acceleration in increase of revenue. The ability to collect payment as part of the signing process can speed this up further, which can be vital on time-sensitive contracts.

Happier customers

Most of the benefits of e-signatures are seen for the business, however some of the value is passed on to the customers. Good e-signature solutions significantly reduce the amount of time spent for those signing the document, meaning that less time is wasted for both parties.

Digital signing interfaces reduce the stress for the customer by guiding them to the correct boxes to fill. Standard terms agreements can be captured with just a click, reducing the time spent completing paperwork.

Even when away from the desk, customers also see the benefit of digital signatures. SignNow and DocuSign supports a variety of screen sizes across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Customers can be sure their personal information is safe. Unlike physically mailing or emailing documents, e-signature solutions offer strong security and compliance.

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