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IT problems facing the Education Sector

There has been a drastic increase in technology adoption in the education sector over the past 5 years.  According to Promethean, 77% of educators agree that technology is crucial to engaging students. Places of study implement technology to advance themselves into the digital space.

28% of educational providers lack belief in their effectiveness of implementing technology and 16% 16% find it hard to integrate the latest technology into their systems

CSO states that in 2021 there was an increase of 75% in cyberattacks.  It is therefore vital that educational providers ensure they are aware of how to prevent an attack on their systems.

IT solutions for the education sector


Cybercriminals will attack when you least expect it, the education sector has seen a spike in cyberattacks in recent years. this is why the implementation of cybersecurity is more important than ever. Data that is stored within an educational setting is extremely confidential so is desirable for cybercriminals.  Sensitive information such as financial and personal data of students and employees could be put at risk if stored on a vulnerable system.

Cloud solutions that have built in security are ideal. Microsoft Azure has built in security features such as Microsoft defender, which helps to protect your infrastructure from malware attacks. Cloud based solutions are beneficial to for all whether you operate in the education or financial sector.

Complexity and Integration

Although the cloud offers many advantages, it can also pose risks. Microsoft 365 has everything you need and integrates with the cloud effortlessly. It offers an effective, hybrid working environment, which in today’s world is very beneficial. To minimise the risks of moving to the cloud you can outsource your IT requirements to Cheeky Munkey.  Our experienced team can help setup and maintain the harder parts of the system integration.

Lack of skills

Robert Walters found that 70% of technology companies are facing a skills shortage and this is due to the rapid advancements that have happened in the IT world. Educational businesses will struggle to attract the talent needed to manage the complex and everchanging systems due to their limited budgets. This is where Cheeky Munkey can help; our team will ensure your systems are safe at a price that works for you.

Cost increases 

According to Promethean’s study, 96% of education providers prioritise budgets when setting their annual strategy. An increase in costs has resulted in 46% being unable to meet their strategic goals due to limited budgets.

Partnering with an IT provider can also save you money as the need to employ an entire dedicated IT team is removed. They will manage and maintain your IT systems for you and save you money.

Ensure your technologies are efficient with the help of an IT provider

Businesses are often wary of starting their digital transformation and this is because of the ever evolving beast that is technology. Obsolete and legacy technology can lead to security risk and an increase in cost down the line. An IT company can help to manage and maintain your IT infrastructure to ensure its up to date, effective and most of all secure.

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