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The Power of Unified communications

Communication is number one priority for all businesses. The world is moving towards a remote future, and new unified communication technologies are influencing companies and how they see themselves in the near future.

Businesses are already using solutions like Microsoft Teams for unified communications, in some cases Microsoft teams can be at the centre of you business function.

Microsoft Teams

Unified communications

Unified communications a range of different communication types:

  • Voice chat
  • SMS/instant messaging
  • Emails
  • File sharing
  • Video conferencing

In the new world of technology businesses are looking for more effective ways to communicate and collaborate. This has become even more important now because of remote working.

UC applications allows businesses to integrate all of its comms methods into one place. With UC  you can combine these different comms  styles for effective communication.

Microsoft Teams –  The Best Unified Communications Solution

According to BusinessOfApps, Microsoft Teams is the most popular business communication service in the world.

Microsoft Teams is the hub of communication for many businesses and organisations across the world.

What can you do with Teams?

  • Online video conferencing
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office tools.
  • Create groups for individuals and teams to communicate.
  • Document and file sharing through SharePoint integration.

Businesses already using MS products will have access to MS Teams as its included in the subscription, they just need to know how to use it!

To make sure user accounts are secure, Teams offers MFA and data loss prevention.

Users can sign in with their Windows and Microsoft login with Azure AD. You just enable SSO and you  have access to MS Teams at any time.

Unified Communications are Important for Modern Businesses

In recent years businesses have become more ‘tech savy’, and businesses that are naive and reluctant for change will get left behind.

Benefits Microsoft Teams and other UC solutions

  • Cost reduction – Most UC solutions are cloud based and run on a subscription basis.  A platform like MS Teams also integrates all business functions, therefore reducing the need for multiple products and services.
  • Simplified communication – Unified communications streamlines communication. All forms of communication are in a centralised area. Gone are the days of having to use multiple services to communicate. This increases employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Increased efficacy and flexibility – Forrester found that Teams can save its users up to 8 hours per week in productivity.

Unified comms is vital for a hybrid working environment. Most businesses nowadays will have employees in and out of the office all of the time, UC aids effective communication no ,matter where they are.

Get Started With Unified Communications

Getting stuck into Teams can be easy. Getting an MSP to fully manage and handle the entire solution. Let them deal with the technical and implementation aspect, allowing you to focus on other business functions. An MSP will make the switch over to MS Teams seem effortless. The change to UC is easy as long as the whole organisation understands the why and what for, an MSP can help with this messaging.

Delve into the Virtual Era with Unified Communications

Unified communications platforms are an essential tool in a modern working world.

Effective communication, simplified systems and higher productivity are all symptoms of a UC solution.

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