Why you need a backup and disaster recovery plan

Everyday UK SMBs are at risk of 65,000 cyberattacks, with roughly 4500 of these being successful. This was highlighted in a recent report and it’s thought the total is likely to be much higher since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Back up and Disaster Recovery

Cyber criminals typically target your inbox with email-based threats like phishing, spoofing and whaling attacks; in fact, studies show that 90% of all cyberattacks start from the inbox. Other methods include Ransomware and advanced persistent threats, these allow cybercriminals to remain unseen before striking.

Fortunately, there are  solutions out there that will protect your business from cyberattacks such as, Webroot Antivirus. However, criminals do sometimes get through. The most common cause is a a momentary lapse in concentration where an employee clicks a malicious link. Should the worst happen, having a backup and disaster recovery (BUDR) solution like Acronis in place can mitigate the damage caused.

Additional Benefits of BUDR

A good BUDR plan can protect you from more than just cyberattacks. Advanced solutions cover businesses in the event of a natural or manmade disaster; this could be an office flooding or a power failure. Lost revenue due to unplanned downtime is estimated to cost UK and Irish businesses over £2 billion per year.

Implementing a solution like Acronis, businesses can recover from a disaster in no time at all. Acronis is a flexible solution, tailored to variety of businesses with different requirements. Cheeky Munkey can assist you with the setup and help you understand essential recovery details, as shown below:

  • Setting your Recovery Time Objective (RTO): The time period and service level which a business process is restored after a disaster. For instance, if you define your RTO to be eight hours, the downtime following the issue can be no more than that.
  • Setting your Recovery Point Objective (RPO):  The interval of time that might pass during a disruption before the quantity of data lost during that period exceeds the Business Continuity Plan’s maximum allowable threshold.

Another factor to consider is your businesses reputation. Cyberattacks can leave a stain on organisations for years. The report referenced at the beginning states that 44% of people would be put off using an organisation that had suffered a data breach. This highlights the importance of maintaining a strong reputation in uncertain times.

With Acronis backup and disaster recovery you can protect your businesses systems, data, and reputation, regardless of your size.

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