Shaftesbury Young People

Charity IT Support

Shaftesbury Young People are a ‘Service Providing’ charity, working to improve outcomes for children and young people, both in care or in need in the UK.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential in life. We believe it is our social responsibility to support those who face the greatest challenges.

The Challenge

Shaftesbury were experiencing ongoing performance-related issues caused by their existing IT infrastructure.  With limited budget and resources, Shaftesbury needed a cost effective and efficient IT solution.

The Cheeky Munkey Solution

Cheeky Munkey developed a robust plan to ensure a painless migration to a fully independent IT infrastructure which enhanced staff productivity and reduced risk and costs for Shaftesbury.  The project included:

Complete IT Outsourcing

To ensure constant exemplary operational activity, Shaftesbury selected Cheeky Munkey IT Support as their strategic IT Support Partner of choice and have since enjoyed reliable, robust and secure IT infrastructure.

Server Consolidation and Virtualisation

Cheeky Munkey highlighted that Shaftesbury’s server environment was underperforming and should be condensed and migrated to an on-premise virtualised Windows Server 2012 environment.

Comprehensive Security and Disaster Recovery

Cheeky Munkey took steps to ensure Shaftesbury data would be safe, secure and available at all times. Adding an important layer of protection to Shaftesburys’ network, Cheeky Munkey implemented a content filtering and managed firewall solution. Moreover, they robustly backed up Shaftesburys’ virtualized server environment with an impenetrable Disaster Recovery (DR) solution.

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