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Outsourced Technical Support: What is It & Why Do You Need It?

Outsourcing your IT technical support can save a small business time & money. See how the experts at Cheeky Munkey can help with all your small business IT support needs.

What is technical support?

Technical support usually has a fairly broad definition, but in this context the term refers to 24/7 round the clock monitoring of your company’s IT infrastructure. This includes being vigilant against threats such as viruses and malware, but also refers to the responsibility for ensuring all of your devices are constantly updated and maintained as required.

Should there be an emergency technical issue, a technical IT support team will be ready and immediately available to take action to remedy the situation. Indeed, any good support team will also take the time to familiarise themselves with your existing IT hardware setup and software, so that they can effectively plan an emergency course of action should the need arise.


Why do I need technical support? 

For the overwhelming majority of small business owners, time and people power are two things that are likely to come at a premium. Consumed as they are with countless other responsibilities, few company owners have the time to dedicate to knowing every detail of their computer systems.  With specialist knowledge required to properly handle such complex devices, it’s also not a task that can be easily delegated to just any employee-no matter how willing they might be.

By delegating to an external IT support firm in such a way, some of your most valuable assets receive the care and attention they would not necessarily receive otherwise. This means that should something untoward flare up, rather than having to scramble somebody to drop what they are doing and attend to the issue, the business can proceed as normal whilst the experts get on with things.


How does outsourced technical support work? 

Thanks to innovations such as cloud computing and remote working, interaction between a business and an external provider of technical support has never been easier. If for instance a particular software update has to be downloaded, you can quickly tell your support team what time you’d like them to make an update and they can take control of your machine at the agreed time using login details you’ve previously supplied them with.

If a task requires some sort of physical presence such as the setting up of computers and the subsequent cabling process that comes with it, having a member of the support team come to you once again saves time. Rather than trying to guess how things should best be laid out, you can instead not only have the setup process completed as efficiently as possible, but explained in full in case you ever have to make your own adjustments in the future.

As far as time-saving measures go and investments that are worth their value, few are as needed as much as some form of technical support. Specialist oversight of the main tools your business likely uses to function enables a rapid response should an emergency occur, and ideally can identify problems before they can become an issue.

If you’d like to learn more about how our expert team can help provide technical support to your company, call or email us anytime and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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