Prevent Expensive Bills After Upgrading to iOS 9

There has been a lot of negative press since the release of the latest Apple iOS software, iOS 9 regarding people receiving shock bills due to a new feature which has been introduced.

To prevent this happening to you on either your personal or business phones we wanted to let you know about iPhone Wi-Fi Assist.

This iPhone feature switches the data to mobile connection when its experiencing slow download speeds on a Wi-Fi connection. This is great if you have an unlimited data contract as it stops the need to turn Wi-Fi when the local connection is lost. However if you have a low data contract this is not so great as it will switch from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G without your knowledge.

If you have this low data contract then you can stop this from happening by going to Settings > Mobile, scroll down to bottom of the page to turn of Wi-Fi Assist. This should stop you from having a bit of a shock when your next bill arrives through the letterbox!

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