How to Install Chrome Extensions and Find the Best Ones

We love the Internet. There are countless tasks that you can perform that would otherwise take hours. One of our favourite things about browsing the web is using Chrome and the many golden Chrome Extensions that can be downloaded.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve what you want online, even with many powerful search engines at your fingertips. It’s for this reason that we have written this blog post, where you’ll learn how to install Chrome Extensions and find the best ones. There really are countless extensions that can save you bundles of time each week.

How to install Chrome Extensions

The best place to start is to understand how to install Chrome Extensions.

However, before we start with that, it’s worth noting that you should only consider installing a Chrome Extension if you feel confident in trusting it. Some extensions require permissions to access certain data on your system so make sure you read about these before you download an extension.

Downloading Chrome Extensions is extremely straightforward:

  • Step 1 – Visit the Chrome Store
  • Step 2 – Browse through the various categories
  • Step 3 – Find a Chrome Extension that you like
  • Step 4 – Click install

It’s as easy as that!

Most Chrome Extensions are free of charge but just like with apps for your phone you can pay extra to unlock premium features and there are also certain extensions that require a payment in order to download them.

Finding the best Chrome Extensions

Just like with your mobile phone apps, there is an endless number of Chrome Extensions available for download, with more being added to the Chrome Store everyday. Therefore you’ll be forgiven if you can’t instantly find the best ones!

Some of the best extensions are well promoted and have mountains of excellent reviews but others are more hidden gems and not so easy to find. That’s why it’s important that you know how to find the best Chrome Extensions.

Search by ratings

The Chrome Extensions review system is a comprehensive one and the search feature allows you to specifically search for extensions that have high reviews.

A 5 star rating system is employed, so if you want to find the extensions that most people tend to enjoy, just search for 4 or 5 star rated extensions. You can then filter by category if you are looking for business only extensions – that’s what we tend to do.

Search by category

Searching by category is a fantastic way of getting a quick snapshot of all the latest and most popular Chrome Extensions available. For example, if you are looking for extensions that will help to increase your productivity, simply search the ‘productivity’ category and you’ll be presented with thousands of results.

Don’t forget to use the filter settings on the left hand sidebar as this will help to produce a more tailored set of results.

Read resources outside of the Chrome Store

Using the Chrome Store isn’t the only way that you can find out more about Chrome Extensions. Googling terms like ‘Top Chrome Extensions’ or ‘Top Business Chrome Extensions’ will provide you with a list of reviews and blog posts.

As you cast your beady eye over some of these results you are bound to find a few hidden gems that you would have been otherwise clueless about if you limited your search solely to the Chrome Store.

Watch YouTube reviews

Nothing is better than seeing an extension in action before you download it – you’ll get an authentic sense of exactly what it can do! This is where YouTube is perfect!

There are countless YouTubers who post video reviews of extensions and some will even pull together a top 10 list of their favourite extensions. You are bound to find a few hidden gems and reduce the number of extensions you uninstall after 5 minutes if you spend a bit of time on YouTube.

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