How to Manage Your Documents and Business with Google Drive

Sometimes it’s easy for businesses, especially large multi-national organisations, to discount a piece of software because it is free or used by the mainstream audience. People tend to think that the software simply won’t provide them with what they need.

Google Drive is such a piece of software you’ll have heard of, but many people are still ignorant to the sheer value that it can present to any business that needs to manage their documents securely.

The best way for you to gain a better understanding of how Google Drive can help you to manage your documents and business much more efficiently is for us to tell you. It’s extremely straightforward to use and we are sure by the time you have finished reading this post you’ll have a far more comprehensive understanding of Google Drive and the benefits it offers.

Share your files with certain people

Right off the bat you get 15GB of free storage with Google Drive and there is a lot that you can do with that much storage!

As a business you’ll probably have countless documents and images that you’ll want to share with different people. However, you might not want everyone to have access to the same information. For example, the marketing team might be working with highly confidential documents and you don’t want just anyone within the company being able to access them.

The great thing about Google Drive is that you can share folders with specific people within your company, so a good idea would be able to create certain folders for specific teams. Furthermore, you could even select individual files within a folder and hide them form a handful of team members who have access to the folder.

Security really is tight with Google Drive!

Remove duplicate files with ease

With your standard shared drive it can be easy for files to become duplicated, especially if you have a number of people accessing the drive on a regular basis. Ultimately this just consumes space on your drive unnecessarily.

The beauty of Google Drive is that you can download and sync your files to your desktop with ease and then use a duplicate file finder to delete such unneeded files.

Searching Google Drive is easy

A major drawback of other cloud based storage services is that it is extremely difficult to search for specific files – especially if you have thousands of documents stored.

With Google Drive it is painless to search for your files. You simply click on a search bar and filter by file type, file ownership and much more. Ultimately you’ll be able to search through your drive in a flash and gain access to your most important files easily.

It isn’t difficult to spend mountains of time each week searching through shared drives to find the documents you need so this is where Google Drive makes a real difference.

Multiple people can edit a document

How many times have you accessed your company’s shared drive only to see a message pop up saying that a file has been locked for editing as another user has it open? Probably more times than you care to remember.

With Google Drive multiple people can edit the same document at once. Edits are done in live time on the cloud and you’ll even see a small icon appear which will show what parts of the document someone else is editing at the same time – so there is no chance that you’ll be going over work they have already done.

This feature is perfect if you need to edit team managed spreadsheets like work task files. You won’t have to wait hours for your colleague to get out of a meeting to close a document on their computer before you can edit it.

We hope that you now have a clearer understanding of the benefits that Google Drive presents. It’s not difficult to use and it can change the way you approach countless processes.

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