Hybrid Cloud is Only 2-5 Years Away…

Just 15% of enterprises are currently using hybrid cloud computing. At present, approximately 10-15% of enterprises have adopted a hybrid IT strategy, in which they have employed a mix of on-premise, private and public cloud services.

While most services will use some form of hybrid cloud computing during the next 3 years, more advanced approaches lack maturity and suffer from significant setup and operational complexity.

Positioning on the Hype Cycle (Gartner’s research methodology for interpreting technology hype) advances towards the trough of disillusionment as organisations continue to gain experience is designing cloud services and seek to optimise their spending across on-premise and off-premise cloud services.

Entering the ‘trough of disillusionment’ occurs when a new technology has just launched. This stage has generated a mix of early failure and success stories. Other technologies in this so-called stage include self-driving cars and cryptocurrency exchanges.

“The technology behind hybrid cloud is still in its early stages and is constantly being improved.  The main uptake at present is for hosted exchange using Office 365 with email services being ideal for a hosted service and web-based applications using public cloud.” – John Skipp, Technical Sales, Cheeky Munkey.

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