How to Make Safari More Secure on Your iPhone

If you think you are safe while surfing the internet on your phone then think again – your privacy & security are not guaranteed!

Ideas for securing your iPhone

Here are a few tips to help boost your both your privacy & security on an iPhone;

  1. Go to Settings > Safari
  2. Next go to Search Engine > change to an alternative search engine (Duckduckgo) – although Google is the fastest and most efficient all the speed is linked to the data they collect from you (search habits, history, tastes etc). Duckduckgo never tracks your searches or habits.
  3. Next is Passwords > delete all of your stored passwords > although it’s easy for safari to automatically log you into websites it’s not the safest way to store your passwords. Instead use a secure password manager like 1password. This app stores all your passwords safely and automatically generates complex password alternatives and then securely auto log you into websites.
  4. Turn on ‘Do not track’ – this will limit the ability of random websites to track your location.
  5. Turn on ‘fraudulent website warning’  – this alerts you to suspicious websites
  6. Go to Cookies > click always block (Cookies are bits of code that websites use to speed up the user experience but at the same time there is a risk to your security and privacy. Most of the cookies used are to track your browsing history so advertisers can target you better. As well as this they are used to authenticate you into websites, meaning they can be used as a way to access your accounts)
  7. Go to Advanced > website data > remove all website data
  8. Finally, make sure you use private browsing – in this mode the search bar turns black instead of white. While you are in this mode your search information and history are not saved which allows your experience to be more anonymous.

There you have it – If you follow these points then you can be reassured that your privacy & security will be increased and Google wont be able to find out what type of Pizza you ordered last Saturday night!

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