Brilliant Business Presentation Software that isn’t PowerPoint!

Until relatively recently if you wanted to create a presentation there would have been few tools to choose from and Microsoft PowerPoint would most likely have been your first choice. While PowerPoint remains a strong contender, sometimes you want to expand your creativity beyond slides or you want to collaborate easily with colleagues.

Here are 8 tools which can make creating business presentations, and thereby connecting with your audience, a breeze.

Google Slides

Many people now use Google for their email and an account also gives you access to the productivity suite in Google Drive. Here you can create documents, spreadsheets, forms of all different kinds and of course slides. The platform is free to use; is cloud based, so accessible anywhere; and even better, you can share your work with those you are collaborating with in real time. It makes a great addition to your list of go-to software for a variety of needs.


If you are a devotee of Mac and iOS devices Keynote will probably be the right choice for you. The software is similar to PowerPoint in terms of being able to add a range of visual elements to any slide, including graphs, charts and images. However, it’s also cloud-based, syncing with iCloud, so you can access the presentation from any Apple device. Furthermore, the software is free.

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck is an app which allows you to extend the visual appeal of your presentations and can be used on the web, iPad or iPhone. You can choose from a variety of templates and add different fonts, images, and filters to make the presentation uniquely yours. Many of the images fall under creative commons so they are free to use or you can select paid ones direct from Getty images. There are three packages to choose from ranging from $5 to $30 per month and all can be tried out with a free 7-day trial.


Once you have created your slide presentation how do you reach the widest audience possible for it? One solution is SlideShare, a platform where you can upload your slides, infographics, and reports. SlideShare is similar to a social media network in that you can add a profile page and people can like and comment on the documents you add. It’s also easy to share your updates across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and you can even embed them into your blog. This platform is less about creating presentations and more about sharing those you have made, via PowerPoint, Keynote, and OpenDocument, to a wider audience.

Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark, a free app for iPad, helps you take a slide presentation and turn it into a video, a great innovation which can truly help your presentation stand out.
You start with the presentation template, choose a theme and add in images and text. You can then choose to narrate the presentation in your own voice or select a soundtrack to accompany it. Once it’s complete you can share it widely, communicating your message in a vibrant way.


Prezi is cloud-based and can, therefore, be used across all devices. Starting at £3.17 per month and with your first 14 days free, it’s a great way to make your business reports more memorable. You start with a template and from there build a presentation which can include images, graphs, and even video. It also allows you to change your presentation on the fly if you need to draw certain elements to the attention of your audience.


Maybe you want to create an animated presentation but you don’t possess the budget to hire a professional animator or the time to learn animation software. PowToon can fill that gap with its accessible interface, helpful tutorials, and great support. You can try it for free online but if you want to download HD video it starts at $19 per month. The animated content you can create can be used for the web and in-person presentations; product how-to videos; online tutorials and web adverts.


If you have seen those videos which feature a virtual whiteboard with a hand writing across the screen, then you have probably seen a presentation created using VideoScribe. This software allows you to choose your images step by step and then the software animates it for you. It seems unlikely but you really don’t need any design skills for this one. There’s a free trial so you can check whether it’s right for you and after that prices start at £8 per month if you pay annually.

With such a great range of presentation software on offer, there’s no reason for you to say it’s ‘just’ a slideshow ever again.


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