Securing your IT System

Securing your IT system is crucial to the day to day running of your business. Every file that is produced needs to be protected to ensure it can be used in the future, and every piece of confidential information needs to be under constant lock and key.  Therefore, let’s readdress one of the biggest concerns of IT technicians across the world, let’s ensure your IT system is as secure as it can be.

Implementing Secure Systems

Now, for the reasons listed above, your IT system needs to be secure. If you inadvertently leak your client’s sensitive information or suddenly lose access to important company files, your business might cease to trade overnight-it really is that important. Implementing secure systems is an easier process than you might think, however, and there are a couple of common steps most businesses take to ensure the security of their setups.

The first one is a firewall, and most computers come with these preinstalled as standard. A firewall essentially proofs all data that’s sent and received between a computer and the Internet and prevents any unauthorised bots or persons from accessing your network.

The second is the storing of company devices in locked or protected premises. This might sound trivial but if you don’t keep your kit under lock and key, anyone can come in and take your hardware, including anything stored therein.

Turn it up a Gear

Once the above two measures have been ensured, there are a few other steps businesses can take to ensure that their IT infrastructure remains as safe and secure as possible.

Anti-Virus Software

The first of which is installing an effective security package. Protecting against spyware, viruses and other threats, a good anti-virus software will keep your company data well within the confines of your four walls. It will become far more difficult to attack or steal your data, and provide a strong defence against any pesky tracking bots or spyware. For most businesses with the funds to invest, such a crucial purchase won’t break the bank and you should really be asking not “can I afford this?”, but “can I afford to not have protection?”

Regular File Back Ups

Another consideration for businesses looking to implement safer IT systems is to regularly back up information. In the case that something does occur, having a mirror backup of information on an external hard drive or up in the cloud will mean you can still access all the important stuff.

Spam Filters

An additional security measure businesses should take is that of filtering spam mail. Opening up a phishing email and clicking on a sinister link disguised in its contents can bring down even the biggest of corporations. Therefore, install effective software that will push the bad stuff straight into the bin and only allow entry to those emails that can be vetted to ensure their good intentions.

Stay Relevant

Once you’re up and running with the above, however, the journey isn’t over. You need to ensure that every link in your security chain is running on the latest software version and you must continually update to stay one step ahead of malicious hackers.

In this regard, storing your information in the cloud is oftentimes more secure than keep it on your hardware. Cloud providers are professionals who are performing a service: that of keeping your files safe and accessible. Therefore, it is in both their own best interest and that of their clients to ensure that they have all the latest security features installed.

Set Storage Best Practices and Train your Teams

The final thing you should do to ensure protection is to make sure your staff are up to speed with the best ways to handle data. Make your teams aware of what internet use is acceptable, how to handle sensitive information, how best to ensure company hardware remains safe and secure, and how to deal with phishing emails. Moreover, you might want to add admin privileges to only a select few to prevent staff downloading and installing unapproved software without a member of your IT team checking it out first. Just be sure to put the power in the hands of the right team member.

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