How to Transfer Business Contacts From Your PC to Your Phone

Sometimes it can be a bit of a pain if you have business contacts on your PC but not on your mobile. What if you need to contact them whilst you’re out of the office?

Another important reason to have your contacts saved on multiple devices is in case your computer gets a virus and your data becomes corrupted. The last thing you want is to lose your entire contact list, but if this does happen, you can contact and data recovery expert and they should be able to help.

With our lives now taking place across multiple devices it is essential to know how you can transfer your contacts from a PC to your phone. We’ll tell you exactly how in the following paragraphs.

Using Apple iCloud

Everything is cloud based these days. You are bound to have seen endless adverts promoting the latest cloud systems but what does this actually mean if you are trying to transfer your business contacts to a mobile device?

Apple’s iCloud system is perfect if you are a Mac user and have an iPhone. The cloud will automatically sync your contacts across all the devices that you have registered to the cloud. In essence, if you create a new business contact on your Mac, it will appear on your phone in a matter of seconds. There is no need to fuss around with various cables and software packages because everything is done automatically.

Registering for Apple iCloud is easy. When you set up a new Apple device you’ll be asked to register for the cloud and grant it permissions as to which types of data it can access e.g. music, video and contacts. As long as you tick the same categories on all your devices you will see all of your data automatically synced.

If you are trying to install iCloud on an existing iPhone, navigate to settings and then the iCloud section, it’s extremely easy to do.

Syncing with Google Accounts

If you are an Android user, your best approach would be to sync all of your contacts with Google Accounts. This works on iPhones as well but if you are working on a Mac it is much easier to take advantage of iCloud.

Using Google Accounts you’ll be able to register different devices and ensure that all contacts are synced across them. This is a very straightforward process and there are countless help guides out there if you find yourself getting stuck.

Manually transferring them to a phone

Another approach is transferring contacts manually to a phone using a cable. This is your best option if you use devices across a number of operating systems i.e. Windows on your pc and iOS on your phone.

All you need to do is plug your phone into a computer and use the relevant application to manage your phone’s data, so iTunes if you are using an iPhone. You’ll then be able to navigate to a contacts tab and tell your device to sync with the contacts on your pc. iTunes can work directly with a mail client like Microsoft Outlook so this should be a straight-forwarded process if you have saved all of your contacts properly.

You should now have a better understanding of the different approaches to transferring you contacts from your PC to your phone. There is no right or wrong approach, its just that some will save you a lot more time than others depending on your device and operating systems. If you want your contacts to be synced on a tablet device as well, the above processes will work just fine.


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